KrisTina Mirisha

Born of Hungarian descent in Manchester, Connecticut in 1962, her parents immigrated to the United States in 1956. Fleeing the Hungarian Revolution, they left their homeland with nothing.

Belonging to a long line of European artists and artisans, KrisTina was influenced from an early age by her grandmother, Vera Wanke, a well-known Impressionistic artist in Toronto and by her mother, Andrea Wanke-Rudle, a specialist in primitive free-form sculpture.

Raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, KrisTina traveled extensively throughout Europe studying and practicing photography for over a decade.

KrisTina created a unique style of art called ‘Multi-Medium Expressionism’ in 1999; her style has received international acclaim for its unique combination of mixed media and photography. Her art evokes strong emotional depth blended with vivid realism. And what is more interesting, that as an artist/photographer, KrisTina has the ability to work with an array of subjects that include people, animals and scenery.

Currently, her work can be seen at the Florida Aquarium as well as the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa. A permanent exhibit can be viewed in the newly renovated gym entrance at Admiral Farragut Naval Academy in St. Petersburg. This extensive, large, colorful series depicts students engaging in all the sports the Academy offers. Other exhibits include “Giant Butterflies” at The Indianapolis Children’s Museum, “Seabeings” at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and Monterey Bay Aquarium in California & “Lucky White Buffalo” at The Yellowstone Association in Montana. All artwork are inspired by the subjects or animals contained within those aquariums, state parks and museums. KrisTina’s custom room partitions were recently featured in Florida Design Magazine 2007 summer issue and an upcoming article about her work will be prominent in the New York Observer in October 2007.

The W.E. Art Museum in Miami Beach has invited and will be sponsoring KrisTina as their featured artist for an extensive modern exhibit during Art Basel in Miami for 2008. Other plans include a new collaboration with up & coming artist and skateboard designer, Taylor Halstead, titled ‘Vandalism’. Details for this modern exhibit will be posted on Ms. Mirisha’s website. At present, KrisTina works on exclusive ‘secret’ projects with designer, Michael Barry Ltd. in NY for private clients.

Curators Dan Rojas and Denise Rojas
© 2007 Artist and Rojas Productions

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